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Our cute Handmade Crochet Baby Sweater and Crochet Baby Vest make a perfect gift for your baby or
your friend's baby.  They can keep your baby warm on chilly days.  Our Crochet Baby Sweater and
Crochet Baby Vest are made from good quality baby soft yarn in a smoke free and pet free environment.
Contact us if you need help with your order.   Please measure your baby before placing order.
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Pretty Crochet Baby Sweater - Hand Made in USA   Item # CSW 01
Pretty Crochet Baby Vest - Hand Made in USA   Item # CV 02
Our Pretty Crochet Baby Sweater and Crochet Baby Vest are Hand Made items and we usually carry 1
piece each.  If items are sold, there will be a wait time of 2-3 weeks before we can ship out your order as
we may have other orders in hand.  Please communicate with us via email to check if  the delivery lead
time is agreeable to you.

Please measure your child before placing your order  to ensure that you are getting the correct size for
We take pride in our Hand Made Crochet Baby Products.  All items are carefully inspected before we put
them in boxes/envelops for shipping.  No defective products will be shipped out from our premise.

Washing Instruction
Gentle washing using baby detergent and gentle dry cycle.  Our recommendation is to hand wash and
gently wring out the water.  Then roll item using a towel to absorb remaining water.  Shape and lay flat to
dry.  This will help to retain its shape.
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Light Yellow Crochet Baby Sweater with three front buttons.

Baby Soft Yarn

21 inches around Chest -   Sized to fit 3-6 months

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Red and White accented with metallic shimmering silver
thread Crochet Baby Vest with string ties at the front.

Worsted Weight Yarn

20 inches around Chest - Sized to fit 3-6 months


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